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Android. Language:EN, 3191 Download.

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LOV (Lord Of Vampire – Part1. Blood Bridge)
Zombie, who is mutant of vampire and human being, comes into the world while vampires and human being fight each other for a long time. Human being and vampire fiercely combat against zombie.
Human being and vampire ally with each other to defeat mighty zombie. The great war is now beginning.
Level up your vampire hero by depending zombie’s attack.
Only strong vampire can survive.
Survive in the end and prepare holy war with huge dragon.
- LOV( Lord of vampire ) for over 12 years old.
Features include:
- All visual design and programming, sound work are made by one person.
- Upgrade system of Vampire unit
- More powerful unit can lead the victory of the war
- Weapon store system makes your vampire hero much stronger.
- Skill practice system
- Obtain new skill and upgrade it to get better strategy.
- You can see the making process in ZIOPOPS’s blog.
- Official Blog: www. Ziopops.com
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© ZIOPOPS Corp. All rights reserved
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