Dicast:Dash v1.7 hacked

Dicast:Dash v1.7 hack info: Money hacked.

Android. Language:EN, 297 Download.

Download Dicast:Dash v1.7 on MGHack.com. Dicast:Dash v1.7 is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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Dicast:Dash v1.7 hack - Screenshot #1 Dicast:Dash v1.7 hack - Screenshot #2
“Dicast,” the magnificent heroes who control 'Luck' with mighty power!
Fight against the Gods' play, and change the rule to your favor!
…Hey, stop dreaming! You gotta make your way up to the Arena if you want to save the world or something.

DICAST: Dash is the story of your first journey to become the glorious Dicast!
Go on, take your steps along the way in front of you. If you can, of course!
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