Ninja Alliance 1.2 hacked

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Android. Language:EN, 767 Download.

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Ninja Alliance Wars- strategy games with war between the League of Ninja Legends. This Battle can be seen as the most intense Battles War in the history of Japanese, the League of Ninja Heroes fight together to create a battle of blood and death only.They will revenge for our kingdom.
Are you ready to transform into one of the most heroic Ninja, ready to fight and sacrifice to protect the League of Ninja? Get involved in the superhero squad in Alliance Ninja Wars and fight hard yourselves and your Kingdom!
***Game Features:
- 30 different maps with different terrain and enemies in Ninja Alliance Wars
- Plentiful revengers with 8 ninja legends and 3 soldiers support
- The enemy powerful and have the Defender makes the League of Ninja more difficult to reclaim their lands.
- High quality graphics and so many different Ninja give you a different experience.
*** How to play Ninja Alliance Wars:
- Choose the Ninja Minister to start each battle
- Tap the right screen to move the Ninja to the right
- Tap the left screen to move the Ninja to the left
- Destroy the enemy kingdom to win and reclaim the lands which belongs to your League
- Use gold and pearls to purchase as well as upgrades to the Ninja Legends
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