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Android. Language:EN, 1672 Download.

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Storm The Castle is a dynamic, fast-paced, real-time strategy game with RPG elements.
Capture castles and raise your army to win the war. Improve your soldiers' stats and acquire spells to get the upper hand in tight matches.
The clans of the four elements are fighting their way to a secret treasure. Choose between air, water, earth and fire. Destroy your enemies and lead the way to victory!
✔ 30 unique levels with beautiful graphics.
✔ Rivers, bridges, towers and mines give strategic depth to each level.
✔ 3 boss battles, each with individual mechanics.
✔ RPG elements like spells and stats improvements.
✔ 11 special modes to spice things up:
* Fast Forward – Play X3 the normal speed.
* Switcheroo – Switch with your enemy every 10 seconds.
* Blackest Night – See the castles alone with a pitch black surrounding.
✔ 4 clans to choose from:
* Water - swimming across rivers.
* Earth - strong defense.
* Fire - strong offense.
* Air - high speed.
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