RPS Knights 1.0.5 hacked

RPS Knights 1.0.5 hack info: Money hacked.

Android. Language:EN, 397 Download.

Download RPS Knights 1.0.5 on MGHack.com. RPS Knights 1.0.5 is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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RPS Knights 1.0.5 hack - Screenshot #1 RPS Knights 1.0.5 hack - Screenshot #2
Large-scale wars under the 'Rock-paper-scissors' rules you know.
A unit who lose a game or draw in a game will drop out.
Only winners can stay in a queue and challenge again.
Enjoy unbelievably huge Rock-paper-scissors wars!

- Unusual RPG with Rock-paper-scissors rules
- Enjoy a huge-scale battle of more than 100 vs 100
- Check opponent team's queue and place your units strategically
- Campaign mode : Fight together with as many units as you can gather
- Challenge mode : Beat up as many opponents as you can with your fixed number of units
- Challenging various achievements
- Fun and exciting battles
- Outstanding pixel art
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