Chaos Fortress hacked

Chaos Fortress hack info: Games have been bought, won't produce any costs all the way, can be bought within in flight mode.Into the game, in the "mall" purchasing goods or activate the original game, click on the purchase or activated, and enter the payment page, click "back" or "ok" to go free to buy success.

Android. Language:EN, 3126 Download.

Download Chaos Fortress on Chaos Fortress is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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The little glory bianconeri Chaos Fortress "is a novel horizontal version of the strategy game.Game contains temple, orcs and elves camp, loadout character characteristic, rich and varied.Exciting levels play will also let you have a new strategy game of 2 d know!Games provide campaign mode, man-machine against a variety of modes for players to challenge.In the game, players can continue to open new branch of the, learn new skills, and flexible use of them to achieve victory in the gate.Play simple, this game also need certain skills - not on operation of complicated, but the timing and combat arms of clever apply.Game level layer, of course, difficult to distinguish clearly, both newbies can feel funny.The game is very suitable for players in your spare time, manipulate the bianconeri to a small war, or challenge a strong fortress.The graphics and pure and fresh, the characteristic of power set is obvious, the style easy.Colour is soft and clear, the game for a long time there will be no visual fatigue.In the level of the game, players need to click the corresponding button > > > skills, making soldiers, casting skills, just so.Players also can be in in the small map screen directly click on the corresponding area, convenient to switch the battlefield.
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