Hammer Reloaded hacked

Hammer Reloaded hack info: Infinite lives.

Android. Language:EN, 625 Download.

Download Hammer Reloaded on MGHack.com. Hammer Reloaded is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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The city streets are packed with bad guys. Who you gonna call? That's right, it's THE HAMMER. He'll straighten them out with his shotgun.

Join The Hammer in 30 action packed missions in his never-ending quest to defeat his arch-nemesis The BigBoss.

* 30 missions
* Controllable vehicles, like tanks, cars, helicopters and turrets!
* Multiple weapons
* Explosives
* Achievements
* A shop with awesome ingame features like GodMode, Golden Gun and a Jetpack!!
* Lots and lots of explosions!

No in app purchases! You get the full game for one amazing price: FREE!

This is the original Hammer 2 - Reloaded app. Well optimized and proper controls!

Hammer 2 - Reloaded. Remember: Shoot first ask questions never.
Thank you for playing and for your ongoing support!
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