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Tired of the old generic sniper games, shooting games? Want something challenging and realistic? Stealth Liberator is a game that will require your focus and determination. This game is not about clearing levels through mindless shooting! You are a stealth sniper, meaning that you will have to kill your enemies without being detected. Stay silent, stay unspotted, stay undetected and see if you can still kill the enemy soldiers.
This means that you cannot go around shooting without thinking, with out planning the operation. Enemies will detect dead bodies and even you if you come in their field of view. You will have to plan each and every shot and determine the location of each enemy before firing. You will find enemies react realistically and spot enemies from a great distance. Don't expect the controls to help you either! You will be forced to think and be as precise as a real sniper to place a perfect shot.

Get in gear of stealth assassin , complete Covert missions and stay alive.
Go Stealth, Think before shooting

Key Features:

✔ Super emphasis on stealth!
✔ Heavy focus on Skill Building.
✔ Extremely intelligent enemies.
✔ A prolific kill cam.
✔ Option to switch between bolt action sniper and semi-auto sniper.
✔ Tough aiming system, which will require you to plan shots and adjust position.
✔ Multiple challenging sniper nests.
✔ Tactical and strategy shooting.

How to Play:

✔ Change Camera and see position of every Enemy soldier
✔ Kill the isolated enemy first, so other cant detect you
✔ One a enemy soldier detects you and any dead body. You are dead
✔ Use Bird view camera, use zoom and shooting buttons
✔ Change location and set aim with move buttons
✔ You will have 5 seconds to kill an alerted enemy. If you fail to kill an alerted enemy, the alarm will go off!
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