Monster Mania:Tower Strikes hacked

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Android. Language:EN, 762 Download.

Download Monster Mania:Tower Strikes on Monster Mania:Tower Strikes is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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A unique blend of tower defense, action, shooting game Monster Mania – Tower Strikes comes to the Google Play.
The beautiful princess is kidnapped by the evil monsters. The brave dwarves build a sturdy wagon as a moving fortress to rescue the princess. You, as a commander-in-charge, will unite the crew, destroy the evil monsters and rescue the princess. Are you ready for the challenge?

• Innovative game play – tower defense mixed with endless running and shooting. Auto cannon with manual control.
• Drag and Drop control to switch towers to change the weapons
• Over 50 levels to unlock
• 7 different towers and each has own unique upgrades to customize your strategy
• Over 30 different enemies ranging from Monsters, Goblins, Demons, Evil Birds, and Trolls await for your challenges
• Collect coins to upgrade your weapons to make games more exciting
• Cast the optional spell (there are 3 different spells) to destroy enemies and pass a level with ease
• Intense boss fight
• Stunning carton style graphics to appeal all gamers
• Leaderboard support via Google Game Play services
• More levels coming soon
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