SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE hack info: infinite money.

Android. Language:EN, 5515 Download.

Download SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE on SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE hack - Screenshot #1 SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE hack - Screenshot #2
Your village is being attacked by a horde of zombies!As a wise and brave warrior you have ability to play also have an obligation to defend towns, stand up!Zombie ghost soldier is much, but you are not alone, also strengthen fortifications, recruit powerful ally, the invasive spread of zombie army annihilate in front of the town!
Action strategy, unturned, placed in front of the village to deploy defenses, with solid door, tall towers and loud alarm the fortification, step by step with valor warriors and ally reinforcement layers of intercepting the zombie army!
Dictate to overcome, to the front line: militia, swordsmen, marines, archer, heavy armor, hero, recruitment village of effective strength to resist the zombie invasion together!
Mini game pachinko, double reward reutilized more: after each round of battle, you can also through the mini game pachinko to expand victory!Moreover, many precious items in the game only to get here.
The samurai become stronger and make more intense battle: overall level of samurai and general ability, improved weapons and secret meaning!Refresh the physical limit, improve attack damage, enhance the killing power and speed up the recruitment process.
Warrior vs zombies Can free game, but you can also choose to pay real money to buy in-game special props.

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