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Android. Language:EN, 677 Download.

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You control the character John who is trying to survive a post zombie apocalypse world in the Ingriville city.
Ingriville is dominated by zombies. John is out of supplies and need to find new supplies to survive, but to go after supplies he discovers things that will make change him away. Help John this journey and not let himself be defeated by zombies!

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World of Zombies Features:
- 23 missions divided into two game modes;
- Story Mode. Learn the story of John and help to survive;
- Defensive mode. Defend yourself against zombie attacks protecting the barricades;
- Complete the secondary objectives of each mission and earn rewards;
- 21 guns divided into 3 categories: white, secondary and primary weapons;
- Upgrade your weapons with many upgrades;
- Have several items in your inventory and use it when necessary;
- Several powers intensify John's skills;
- Store with many items Premium, which help you in the game;
- Achievements system;
- World ranking players, where you can share and challenge your friends around the world;
- Saved game system in the cloud, more security in your data and availability to play on multiple devices with the same account;
- Several zombies with different features that will challenge your skills;
- Languages ​​in Portuguese and English;
- Beautiful graphics with various configuration options, optimized to run on many devices;
- Earn coins in the game watching videos;
- Each zombie has unique characteristics.

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"Each defeated zombie is a new challenge"
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"The World of Zombies has beautiful graphics"
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