Element Tower Defense hacked

Element Tower Defense hack info: Infinite lives.

Android. Language:EN, 1024 Download.

Download Element Tower Defense on MGHack.com. Element Tower Defense is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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Element Tower Defense hack - Screenshot #1 Element Tower Defense hack - Screenshot #2
Premium version unlocks ALL Towers and removes Ads. There will be other Premium-only options soon.
Improved performance.

*We are working to improve game more. So please tell us your ideas, and report your bugs instead of giving a low rating. Your ideas and support is valuable for us.

Element Tower Defense is a completely unique strategy game.
Fire Water Nature Earth Light and Dark. All have their elemental powers.
It has unique features and gameplay style.
Some of main features:
-43 Unique towers with all different abilities and tactics.
-6 Elements which has weakness and strength vs each other.
-42 different enemy types.
-Targeting system to set target priority.
-Player friendly settings like; auto send waves, instant build and etc.
-Completely mind tricking economy.
-Free to play.
-Tactics, Action, good graphics, easy gameplay, economy, many choices... What else would you want?
Working hard to improve gameplay and compatibility.
Best td to play.

Some of Towers: Lightning, Poison, Laser, Ice, Blacksmith, Atom, Magic, Disease, Mushroom,Spring, Gold and much much more.
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