Dash Masters hacked

Dash Masters hack info: Infinite money.

Android. Language:EN, 1396 Download.

Download Dash Masters on MGHack.com. Dash Masters is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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The rules are simple. Tap to jump in alternate directions. Swipe up to perform a Dash.
Get ready for a true adrenaline rush in this frantic game with dozens of action-packed missions! Fight your way through waves of spiky bots, turrets and moving platforms to the top of the alien battle tower.

Jump, dodge and dash to make yourself a hard target. Fire rockets and deploy protective shields to strike back at the enemy. And don't break your neck in perilous duels with Guardian Bots! You can make your Exo-Suit even more powerful with upgrades and special boosters, but manage your resources wisely — you are the Earth's last hope!

Social features allow you to share your best results. Invite your friends to compete and become the ultimate Dash Master!
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