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Android. Language:EN, 875 Download.

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You will be put on the Commandos blacklist to complete more difficult and complex missions.
You are a silent hit-man and you are never to be seen by enemies otherwise you will fail your mission and could get killed. Overkill will increase your points.
Kill or be killed! Enemy’s army forces are hiding deep in jungles to attack you! Be a real army commando and destroy enemies to end up this war! Join this jungle battlefield, upgrade your gun arsenal, shooting skills and war tactics to kill enemies! Play Jungle commando 3D Assassin– amazing action game for everyone!
Terrorists have no place in the world. They are hiding here and there for their survival.Identify the location, eliminate all The terrorists and punish them. They have safe places like mountains and jungles. They are using jungles as hideouts. Get rid off these bloody terrorists and wipe out terrorism.
Be always ready to attack. Enemy is alert, so be careful while walking forward for the death combat. You should be ready for the brave stand against this army of evil terrorists. In this do or die situation, use your commando skills to combat the armed men & eliminate the resistance with strength. This is the battle of heroes come on and let finish enemies for the honor and glory. Jungle commando 3D Assassin
Jungle Commando 3D: Shooter features:
- (FPS) First person shooter
- Wide gun arsenal to shoot and kill enemies
- Excellent jungle environment to fight
- Full hd Graphics.
- Different obstacles placed there to maintain your safety.
- Realistic and modern game play.
- Different war missions: kill enemies or survive
- Much advance and larger environment to explore.
- Strategy making game.
- Different obstacles placed there to maintain your privacy.
- Radar to help you out with enemy positions.

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