Robin Hood:Surviving ballad hacked

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Android. Language:EN, 786 Download.

Download Robin Hood:Surviving ballad on Robin Hood:Surviving ballad is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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Robin Hood Surviving Ballad is a pretty simple but exciting action arcade game that tells us about the legendary hero, Robin Hood, who will need to protect the forest settlement gate from monsters that will be coming at it in waves. Enjoy good 3D graphics, responsive controls, and exciting game play.
The game is controlled solely by tapping and the on-screen buttons. Your character, Robin Hood, will be standing behind the gates at the left side of the screen, whilst the monsters will be coming at him from the right. Just tap on where the monsters are coming from and Robin Hood will aim his bow and shoot.
Some monsters will be faster and stronger than the others and therefore you will need to use your skills that you can upgrade after the level-up. These include stunning, fire bolt, and so on. Remember that your gate will only have 100 HP and that’s why you need to be quick and try to kill all monsters before they come close to it.
Robin Hood Surviving Ballad is a great action arcade for Android with good graphics and responsive controls that’s perfect for killing some time. The only drawbacks it has are in-app purchases and annoying built-in ads.
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