Combo Heroes: Tap Legends hacked

Combo Heroes: Tap Legends hack info: Infinite money.

Android. Language:EN, 652 Download.

Download Combo Heroes: Tap Legends on Combo Heroes: Tap Legends is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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Get ready for a brand new Tap RPG! No need for network! Unique gaming! And no need to spend money!
◈ Main Features ◈

- Tap! Tap! Tap at the right time to attack and defend.
- Accumulate combos to perform powerful skills on ememies.
- Tap to craft and upgrade your character
- You can play anywhere with no network. On a plane, abroad, below the sea, and even in space!
- You can enjoy Combo Heroes: Tap legends with the tap game free with only one hand in portrait mode.
- Tap to decide what stats to upgrade! Choose wisely and make your own powerful heroes!
- Convenient upgrade system! Each item obtained during the game is applied to every heroes automatically. No need to choose.
- Face the ultimate boss by collecting 5 artifacts. Defeat the boss and finish the game. However, danger awaits beyond the abyss!

◈ How To Play ◈

- Craft and upgrade your heroes by slaying monsters and collecting artifacts.
- Encounter various monsters through 10 different chapters.
- Summon powerful heroes and explore through the abyss
- Collect artifacts through the game and check out the awesome extra abilities.
- Receive an legendary hero by finishing the game.
- Enjoy adventure-filled 100 stages in RPG story mode and endless boss mode.

◈ Raid Mode ◈

- The legion of dragon have noticed the power of artifacts and have come through the portal to steal them.
- Tap to use all the heroes you have to defeat the dragons!
- Tap to collect the newly updated hero, "Dyke" the Beast Hunter, by collecting Dragon's Blood.
- Raid mode will be updated biweekly with new mechanics!
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