Angry Busters hacked

Angry Busters hack info: Every level gain more gold.

Android. Language:EN, 3106 Download.

Download Angry Busters on Angry Busters is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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'Angry Busters' is Tower Defense game based on jewel puzzle.
Beyond traditional jewel games, 'Angry Busters' gives player real-time combat experience and dazzling thrill.
Adding RPG factors to traditional jewel puzzle, player can raise their own character and complete their own play style.
▶ Feature
① Jewels: Match jewels which are movable in 6 different directions
② Magic & Skill: Combine 9 astonishing magic and 8 remarkable skills
③ Adventure: Kyle and his companions' journey of tracking devil, the Red Wing
④ Game Mode: Field, The Chaser, Dungeon, The Tower of Magic, Challenge
▶ Story
-Suddenly, angry monsters came out from anywhere..
-Travelers were lost, remote villages were ruined.
-Why the monsters got angry and what brought them into this land?
-Ardan, the procurator of Middle Continent, asked group of adventurers to examine this matter.
-192 years after enthronement of 'Queen of Moon', Kyle and his companions who were from Northern Mountains took a long journey.
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