Pixel Survival 2 v1.4 hacked

Pixel Survival 2 v1.4 hack info: Infinite gem.

Android. Language:EN, 2975 Download.

Download Pixel Survival 2 v1.4 on MGHack.com. Pixel Survival 2 v1.4 is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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Pixel Survival 2 v1.4 hack - Screenshot #1 Pixel Survival 2 v1.4 hack - Screenshot #2
Pixel Survival Game 2 is the sequel to the popular crafting survival game Pixel Survival Game.
Many years has past since the Heroes of Pixel Survival were saved from the many lonely nights. The rebuilt town has been peaceful until now, where you must lead the Heroes once again... to more crafting, building, surviving and monster hunting!

Explore, hunt monsters, gather loot, harvest resources, craft and build a base and survive!
If all you want to do is just KILL, then join the arena and face endless waves of monsters!

There will be different worlds to explore, monsters to hunt, loot to gather, items to craft and traps to build for your survival!
Play alone or with up to 3 friends together online!
Share resources, strategies, and experience the fun together!
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