Scrap tank hacked

Scrap tank hack info: 1300000000 money.

Android. Language:EN, 2049 Download.

Download Scrap tank on Scrap tank is an Android moblie hacked game. You can download the game and setup on your smartphone and Android devices.

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No rocket science, but plenty of rockets!
In a world dominated by sinister robots, take control of the Scrap Tank and take the fight to them! Battle your way through the metal onslaught using an impressive array of hi-tech weapons. Do you have what it takes to survive against endless hordes of tanks, jets, airstrikes, missiles, helicopters and kamikaze bots?
Destroy your enemies, collect their scrap, and use it to upgrade and expand your tank and add variety to your destructive capabilities by choosing from 20 different upgrades. Become bigger, stronger, tougher, and wield more guns!
Choose between powerful lasers that cut through machines, flak cannon that that clear the skies, energy balls that blast through a multitude of enemies and salvo's of missiles that will home in on any target. All of these weapons and more are at your disposal and offer dynamic gameplay and tactics.
With over 100 carefully designed waves in various difficulties, you can enjoy many hours of endless fun as you fight to survive another wave of level. Thanks to our dynamic level generation system, no two runs will ever be the same.
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